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We have homeschooled our children on and off for 20 years and now we have the youngest 2 of the 5 are starting off on their own 'schooling' experience and we want to share the journey. We hope to show you our ways of providing a rich but thrifty education.

We are ECLECTIC homeschoolers. We have tried strict 'school at home' to 'unschooling' and found we were most comfortable somewhere in the middle! So expect to find bits of both. We hope that you find some ideas that might help you with your own homeschooling journeys.

It might be good to know that we are not staunchly 'schoolers' or 'homeschoolers" we see pros and cons to both, we understand life's circumstances are different for everyone and even the needs of a family change, sometimes even quite suddenly. For those that have children at school, you might find some fun low cost activities to do with your children :o)

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Holidays have been and gone.

Isn't it always the way on holidays, down comes the rain!
We caught a cold from our last Questacon trip and coughed and splattered our way through the break. Now we are better we are finding it very hard to get into a routine again, holidays are so nice but it's time to get going again!

Over the holidays I had an Extra Lesson Practitioner test youngest for school readiness. Just as I suspected he isn't quite ready to learn to read. His body awareness is excellent but auditory processing is not at the point where he will clue on to reading.

So we are doing Sound Therapy with him. This is an extremely nice process of listening to classical music and doing some activities, catching bean bags, standing on a balance board. It is a system that was developed by a guy called Alfred Tomatis, "the French ear specialist who developed the discipline called audio-psycho-phonology, meaning the psychology of speech and hearing."
Here he is doing his sound therapy.
Yes for all the audiophiles, the child is using Grado's ;o)